Learn how to survive superbug infections, pandemics and prevent disease in the “Immune Defense Summit” beginning in just a few days

The upcoming Immune Defense Summit is about to go live (in just five days), and I’m one of the featured speakers offering lifesaving information about preventing cancer, surviving deadly infections, treating superbugs with natural antibiotics and even making it through a pandemic.

You can’t trust “official” sources on any of these topics, of course. The CDC is a criminal organization that deliberately lies to the public about infectious disease, suppresses lifesaving knowledge about natural cures and even promotes pandemic “false flags” (fear campaigns) to sell more vaccines. Want proof? The CDC not only took part in the great level-6 swine flu pandemic hoax, they were also key in pushing the Zika virus “shrunken heads” pandemic false flag that fizzled out. (Where are all the shrunken head babies we were told would be born throughout the Southern states? They don’t exist.)

If you want the real truth about how to prevent or survive superbugs, pandemics, cancer and other threats to your health, you have to learn from independent scientists, doctors and researchers who aren’t controlled by the corrupt pharmaceutical drug cartels and the criminal CDC.

The Immune Defense Summit brings you interviews with 36 top experts on science, medicine and immunology. You’ll hear from Chris Shade PhD, Thomas E. Levy MD, Judy Mikovits PhD, David Jockers, Donna Gates, Wendy Myers, Joseph Pizzorno, Sayer Ji and many others.

Some of the topics you’ll discover include:

  • Toxic metals that damage immunity
  • Live health: Your guide to super immunity
  • Herbal remedies for enhanced immunity
  • The science behind immunity strengthening
  • Autoimmune disease solutions
  • Repairing damaged immune function
  • Candida solutions
  • Cellular stress and its link to disease
  • The health impact of wireless technology such as wi-fi
  • Dental dangers that can negatively impact your immune function
  • Natural home remedy antibiotics for treating infections
  • Pandemic preparedness: A survival guide

Definitely DO NOT MISS this talk. Click here to register now.

These highly informative talks run July 24th – July 31st. You absolutely do not want to miss out on this information because the risk of collapse seems to be growing by the day, and social collapse almost always leads to outbreaks of infectious disease (or pandemics).

When the pharmacy has been looted and the pharma drugs have run out, how will YOU prevent infections and halt disease?

That’s the key challenge that this Immune Defense Summit answers. It’s critical information for preppers, survivalists and anyone who wants to protect their health in a world that’s increasingly dominated by over-vaccinated, hyper-diseased populations that carry superbugs and have suppressed immune systems.

Register now at this link.


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